November 2, 2020

Tori + Daniel | Luscious Green Sierra Vista Anniversary Session

When I think of my “ideal” clients, it isn’t about how they dress, or if they look a specific way. It’s about the connections I make with them. The relationships I build. When it comes so naturally as if we’ve known each other for years on end, that’s what I would say is my “ideal” client. Now, as most know, I don’t like to refer to them as clients because I feel like it is very technical, harsh, or cold. They are more than a number or a payment. They are my friends. They are my family. They are PEOPLE first and foremost.

Now, for Tori and Daniel’s couple’s session, this wasn’t my first time meeting them. I actually went to high school with Tori, although we didn’t truly “know” each other or talk. We ran in different crowds and were in different grades. However, her husband’s brother Scott hired me for his wedding (you can take a look here at Scott & Ana’s wedding), which how I first got to know her and Daniel. We had such a great time laughing during the entire wedding from start to finish. I showed them the back of my camera for a few of their bridesmaid shots and she was in love at how editorial and beautiful they looked straight out of camera with no editing (because they were all gorgeous and total models in my eyes).

Leading up to their session, Tori was in constant contact with me on what she should wear, sending me numerous photos of beautiful dresses she chose. This is something I absolutely adore, because I want everyone to feel their absolute best in front of my camera. When her and Daniel showed up, they looked AMAZING. They were complete naturals in front of my camera, knowing exactly how to do the poses I was instructing them to do, but so naturally.

After the session was over, as we were walking back to their car, we were just talking about life, growing up and moving around Arizona as we left high school. One thing struck my heart strings the most right before we said our goodbyes. “You’ve done Scott & Ana’s wedding, you’re doing Megan and Nicks couples portraits in the next day. You’re totally in our circle now, and we keep that pretty close knit.” I literally wanted to cry happy tears. Being able to build a relationship to where I am photographing all parts of their family is what I live for, what I strive for, and what I love being able to do. So thank you so much Tori and Daniel (and the entire Carnett/Powell family) for letting me be a part of your circle!

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  1. Monica says:

    Making a connection with your clients is so important. They chose the perfect outfits!

  2. Ashley says:

    You are so right! Making a connection with your clients is so important! These images are gorgeous. Well done

  3. Erin says:

    Wow what a great engagement session! I hope mine are as good as this! #goals

  4. sara says:

    These are all beautiful but that light on the bridge at the end is AMAZING!

  5. Lauren says:

    I love the pop of color her green dress gives! Beautiful style of photography!

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