June 20, 2020

Scott & Ana | Tucson Backyard Wedding

Such kind and gentle love. The sweet tears that rolled down Ana’s face as she spoke her vows to her groom. Scott looking so lovingly at his bride. Their love was so pure, so beautiful. It was true. As I listened to their vows, I could feel the emotions fill their bodies as the words flowed so softly off their tongues.

Their wedding day was a small backyard wedding at the end of January before the pandemic hit. They had their families and friends from all over the country come, as well as Ana’s family from the Philippines. Although their wedding was small, it did not take away from the intimacy. The moment Ana’s mom saw her in her wedding dress, with her makeup and hair done, tears welled up in her eyes. Her baby girl was becoming a wife to a charming and genuine young man. It was a special moment for her, as she lost her husband, and Ana’s father, so she had the honor of walking her down the aisle along with her other daughter, Ana’s sister. It was such a beautiful moment between the three women; one I am sure they will all remember forever.

Scott & Ana, I cannot thank you two enough for being such a special couple to me. Your hearts are so soft and beautiful. Your souls have touched mine forever with just how genuine and true you two are as human beings. I loved being able to capture your love together and I cannot wait to continue to capture your adventures in life as they grow in your marriage.

Venue: Agape House – Tucson
Dress: Francis Libiran Bridal
Hair: Stephanie Gonzalez – Blink Beauty Tucson
Makeup: Megan Hardwick – Blink Beauty Tucson
Suit: The Groomsman Suit

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