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November 5, 2020

Brian + Kristany | Red Rocks Engagement

My favorite things to learn during any couples/engagement session is how they met. I find it so fascinating to hear some of the stories and what got them to where they were. Rarely do I find couples who have been together for 5+ years or who are high school sweethearts. Kristany and Brian are one of my magical unicorn couples who are high school sweethearts! I absolutely loved hearing their story and learning about how they met in high school, everything leading up to their engagement, and the proposal!

We went to my favorite location in Sedona to photograph their engagement session. Little did I know beforehand, that Sedona is where they got engaged, so it was a special spot to them! These two have been planning their wedding during COVID and thankfully have not had to postpone or move their wedding. Although we did their engagement session about a month before the wedding, we had a blast and got to celebrate their love for one another, despite the new times we live in.

We finished up their beautiful engagement, but the rest of the day was less than beautiful. My car got stuck in Sedona, due to a starter being bad in my car. I had to have a fellow photographer come to help me, only to find out it wasn’t something him or his girlfriend could help with; so we went and got some adult beverages while we waited for my husband to drive the 2 hours to Sedona to come pick me up. We had to have roadside assistance come help, and even that didn’t work, so unfortunately we had to have my car towed to a local shop in Sedona (who were absolutely WONDERFUL to work with!), and then drive up the next afternoon to go pick it up. To say it was an adventure is an understatement.

Overall, this was still a beautiful session, and we got some wonderful shots! I cannot wait for Kristany and Brians wedding at Blackstone Country Club on Thanksgiving weekend. Stay tuned for their GORGEOUS wedding, I can promise you won’t want to miss it!

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