Couples, Sedona

October 28, 2020

Shaun + Cheyenne | Schnebly Hill Couples Session

Euphoria. Stillness. Red rocks. Sunset. The calming effect this beautiful Sedona location has is unlike any other. You hear sounds you’ve never heard because of how quiet and still everything is. You have the most pure and freshest air you’ve ever breathed in and had touch your skin when you’re up this high. So serene. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect couple to photograph at this breathtaking location.

I have known Cheyenne since high school, although we never spoke. In true high school girl fashion, I honestly thought she was one of the “mean” girls, however I was proven wrong. Speaking with her and just being around her made me change my entire thought process; she was so sweet, and kind. It’s funny to me how people sometimes are completely different than how we perceive them to be, especially when we are young. I’m so thankful I was able to connect with her. It honestly felt like we had truly known each other and been friends since we were young, it was THAT EASY!

Now, the way Shaun and Cheyenne were together is unreal. I didn’t know people could be this in love with one another, and it was truly so beautiful. From their touch, to the way they talk to each other, to the way they look at each other, it was all so wonderful. These two met when Cheyenne was working at a gym (not Planet Fitness like I thought she said at first, lol), and Shaun saw her. I jokingly said it was because she was wearing the best leggings he had ever seen to make her butt look real nice, and he didn’t disagree! Their connection was pure and true. A love that so many people search for in their lifetime. I’m so happy these two amazing individuals found each other. They both work as first responders, which I’m sure was another reason they are such likeable people. Cheyenne is a paramedic and Shaun is a firefighter/paramedic. Match made in heaven? I think so!

These two let me run with a wild idea I had. I wanted to have a breathtaking pulled back landscape shot at a spot I had been only once. To tell you the terrain to get there was bad, is NOT an understatement. We drove the 30-45 minutes in their lifted truck to get up to this spot, and boy was it worth it. I had questioned myself and my abilities to pull this shot off more times than I can count on the drive up there. No more. I did it. I had an idea, and these two love birds let me bring it to life. I am forever in debt to them for having them trust me and let me be the creative that I am. A million times over, thank you!

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