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April 9, 2021

Luxury Phoenix Valentines Day Picnic

Valentines Day. The day of love. The day we get to have a little extra special time with our favorite people we love, whether it be significant others, our children, or even friends and family. Lets be real, my dad was my Valentine a few times and I’m not even mad about it.

Monique and Bree with 2 Girls 1 Party asked me to be a part of their Valentines Day Giveaway with a few other local vendors to give someone a special picnic on this beautiful day. Our winners got to have a wonderful limo ride from LIMO COMPANY, a picnic served in the park in Phoenix with food from Board and Bougie, put together by Salt and Sage Picnics, and finishing off with a delicious cookie treat from Honeybee Cookie Co.

Our winners were Catherin and Dakota. The sweetest couple. Fun story, she was actually due with their first baby, literally ANY DAY. She showed up in the cutest pink dress and matching hat. I adored her the second we met. She was so kind, soft spoken, and oh so sweet. These two truly deserved this moment together before their baby girl made her debut.

Being a part of this giveaway was definitely so much fun. All the vendors made sure that this picnic was stunning and went off without a hitch. I hope that we can make this an annual tradition, because I am HOOKED!

Planners: 2 Girls 1 Party
Luxury Picnic: Salt & Sage Luxury Picnics
Charcuterie: Board and Bougie
Cookies: Honeybee Cookie Company
Limo Service: JET Limousines
Photography: Brittany Nemec Photography

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