Family Portraits

April 14, 2021

Rodriguez Family | Riparian Preserve

Family. What’s more important than that? Not too much in my opinion. The best part is when you get to have your own family. Being a mom is one of the hardest but yet rewarding jobs. Being a single mom to not one but TWO pre-teen boys is even more hard. However, I know Jessica has rocked it.

Jessica came to be from a client referral of one of my favorite couples. She is her hair dresser, and she does AMAZING work. She wanted updated photos of her and her two boys since she had not had any since they were little. Can we just talk about how beautiful Jessica is? She showed up looking like a fire cracker! Her beautiful big curly hair was my favorite part if I’m being honest. Her boys were so well behaved and such polite young men. This momma is totally killing it in the parenting department.

I can’t wait to do her portraits with her boys again as they grow bigger. She truly is raising some wonderful boys.

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