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April 6, 2021

Brittany + Vinny | Superstition Mountains Engagement Session

Mountains. Back roads. Cacti everywhere. What better way to spend my Sunday than with Brittany and Vinny for their Superstition Mountain engagement session?! I absolutely love these mountains because they are so near and dear to my own heart, as I got married at the base of them at Superstition Manor.

Vinny and Brittany They met while working together at a Mexican food restaurant where Vinny was one of Brittany’s managers. Forbidden love! 6 years later on Christmas Day 2020, Vinny proposed! He said he had been planning for quite some time for the perfect moment, but COVID kept putting a wrench in his plans. But lets be honest, as long as he asked Brittany to marry him, did it truly matter where, when, and how he did it? I think not! These two were absolutely made for each other. The way he makes her laugh seriously just melts my heart. He was so sweet with her; holding his hand out and helping her walk over the rocky terrain, and opening the car door for her as they left. Chivalry is not dead my friends!

These two will be tying the knot in November at a beautiful backyard wedding down in Queen Creek and I cannot wait to see the beauty they put together. Brittany has sent me her inspiration photos and a little mood board and to say I am IN LOVE is a total understatement. Until than, enjoy their beautiful desert and mountain engagement session below!

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