December 14, 2020

Tanner + Julie | Papago Park Engagement Session

Football Sunday. How dare I take photos on football Sunday. If you know me, you know I am not a huge football fan, however, my recent groom is! Tanner is a big football fan for his team the Greenbay Packers. Now, most guys are not thrilled to take engagement photos anyways, but Tanner definitely didn’t want to since he had to miss a game! However, he slowly warmed up to me and my funny (but probably not funny) jokes and antics. One thing I truly love, is my ability to get people, guys especially, to warm up to me by making a fool out of myself.

Now, I don’t always have to make a fool out of myself or tell corny jokes. Sometimes it just comes naturally, my people-person abilities. With Julie, we just clicked. She is someone I could see myself friends with, outside of being a “client.” She seems like a quiet girl, but I came to realize that just wasn’t true. She was a fun and genuine girl who I just had a connection with. We talked as though we had been friends for years, and we were constantly laughing. Tanner soon joined in on our shenanigans.

Julie and Tanner will be getting married next October (2021), and I am SO excited for their wedding. One, because look at Julie, she’s a bombshell, what photographer WOULDN’T want to photograph her, and two because they were just naturals in front of my camera which I loved. Although their wedding day is a little less than a year away, I’m sure it’ll come up sooner than we know and it will be a magical day. I’m hoping COVID stays away long enough for them to have the party of their life, because we know Julie, Tanner, and their friends and family are going to BRING IT! Until then, stay safe and wash your hands please!

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