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December 18, 2020

Hayden + Caitlin | Salt River Engagement Session

Every girl dreams of wearing the perfect dress, having her hair and makeup done, and her nails ready to go for the big day she’s proposed to. We want to look our best and have this magical proposal. We’ve literally dreamt of it our entire lives. However, sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way, and that’s okay. No matter how it happens, it’s still magical, its still perfect, and you get to marry the man of your dreams, right?!

Caitlin and Hayden met online a little over 2 years ago. They hit it off and soon were now totally in love. Hayden’s sister-in-law, Leah, was the one who helped him plan his proposal to Caitlin. She asked him one day if she could help him plan a proposal if he was thinking about doing it anytime soon, and of course he was because lets me honest, Caitlin’s a total catch, why wouldn’t he?! So the four of them, Caitlin, Hayden, Leah, and her husband Tyler (who I have photographed before as well!) went up north to Flagstaff and went out by one of the beautiful lakes. Hayden had Tyler use a GoPro to catch the whole thing, and even though Caitlin wasn’t ready and was bundled up in a coat (because its totally freezing up in northern Arizona), not in the ball gown with hair and makeup done to a tee, she was asked the most important question and of course she said YES!

Now, I love this story SO much, because my proposal was a little botched because I’m a detective and one of the most impatient people to walk this earth and knew when my husband was going to propose so I didn’t get the surprise element. I had the time to pick out the perfect outfit and make sure my hair, makeup, and nails were done. So I totally wish I had Caitlin’s proposal for the cute surprise aspect of it. These two beautiful humans are getting married next November (2021) at Wedgewood Weddings – Lindsay Groves and I am literally SO excited. I’ve photographed a few weddings there before and it is beautiful. So of course, I totally know their wedding is going to be picture perfect because THEY are picture perfect.

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  1. K. Resman says:

    These photos are amazing! You captured their love so perfectly! Can’t wait for the big day!
    Katy Resman
    (Mother of the soon to be Bride)

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