Schnepf Farms Wedding, Wedding

December 8, 2020

Allie + Joe | Schnepf Farm Brunch Wedding – The Meadows

Lights. Camera. Action. Those intimate moments that make a wedding so special, are the ones no one really knows about. The quite moments. The calmness of the crisp air in January ran through the trees. The beauty of the sunshine glistening throughout the meadow for this brunch style wedding. Allie sat in a chair, nestled behind some trees, as she slowly took a breath and began.

Allie and Joe decided to do something so beautiful and special to them on their wedding day. They recorded messages to each other about what they love about the other. They hand wrote their notes and had them encased in glass frames; something so simple, yet so meaningful. To cherish and hold forever. Protected from all who try to harm it.

These two are goofy, yet gentle. Outgoing, yet calm. They balance each other. They are kind not only to each other, to their friends and family, but to outsiders and newcomers. They welcome anyone with open arms. It was as if I had known them my entire life. Communicating and interacting with them came so naturally, because the energy they gave off was unlike any other. I love these two so much, and am so thankful our paths crossed in order for me to capture their wedding day so easily and effortlessly. As they celebrate almost 2 years of marriage, I can’t help but think they will last forever, until the end of time. There are not many people who have a love like they do, especially with being high school sweethearts. To a million more years Mr. & Mrs. Sadow!

Venue: Schnepf Farms – The Meadows
Hair & Makeup: GMG Photo Art
Dress: Almond Tree
Tux: Nicks Menswear
Floral: Watson Flowers
Videography: Lee Media
Donuts: Hurts Donut Co.
Photobooth: Shutterlove Photo Co.

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