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December 3, 2020

Paige + Courts | Papago Park Engagement

Nothing about this year has been easy. So much in the world has gone wrong. However, for brides who were supposed to celebrate the best day of their lives this year and had to move it (some more than once), all they want is to marry their best friend. Some haven’t wanted to wait and decided to get married at the courthouse and have their big celebration when all their loved ones can attend. I’m thankful that wasn’t the case for Courts and Paige.

These two were originally supposed to get married June 26th of this year but COVID quickly changed their plans. They moved their date to January to be safe and to make sure all of their friends and family could be in attendance and celebrate their union.

These two have been affected so much by COVID, not just with their wedding but with Courts as a small business owner and Paige as a teacher; so they truly felt the worst part of this. However, they did not let it ruin this fun and beautiful chapter of their engagement. To cheer their spirits up, I gifted them an engagement session because I wanted them to feel the beauty that this season of life brings, regardless of the circumstances.

To say I am excited for their upcoming wedding is an understatement. These two deserve to have their special day. They are some of the kindest individuals. I truly loved being able to capture these moments for them. But also, how perfect and gorgeous of a couple are they?! January cannot come soon enough!

Makeup: Emily Mosby

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