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November 27, 2020

Janika + Chris | Arizona Desert Engagement

Modern day. Social media. Online Dating. It’s the new era of meeting people. Who would have ever thought we would meet other people from all the world, let alone marry some of them?! Janika and Chris were one of these couples. (Fun fact, so are my husband and I!) These two met on Facebook’s dating app; I didn’t even know they had one since I’ve been out of the dating scene for quite some time!

We had some good laughs during their session. The way these tow looked at each other was beautiful. They giggled constantly. I didn’t even have to do much instructing on posing because they were complete naturals!

I’m so excited for these two to blend their families together. Janika has 3 boys and Chris has 2 children as well, so they will be a family of 7 this next coming year. They literally make the process look SO easy.

Thank you a million times over to these two for letting me capture this next chapter of their journey into married life. I know they’ll last forever; if you need proof, just look at their engagement session because it shows all the proof you’ll need. These two are so in love and it truly shows.

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