Family Portraits

July 5, 2020

Arntz Family | Riparian Preserve

The sweet snuggles. The precious looks they give you. The way they know when somethings wrong and that you just need that wet nose touching you to let you know everything will be alright and that they are there. The love a dog give us is such a genuine love. A beautiful gift. Regardless of how many shoes or tv remotes they chew up, how many times they go to the bathroom in the house, or all the hair they leave all over the house and your clothes. Nothing beats the moment you come home and they are just so excited to see you with unconditional love.

Meghan reached out to be to schedule her annual family portraits. However, this year she wanted something a little different. This year she wanted to add her cute pups Parker and Roxy into them since they are getting older and she wants to remember them in this stage of life. Let me tell you, you’d think these dogs were still 10 week old puppies with their energy. Sniffing, pulling, and a stare down with a bunny and a wounded duck; these were two of the happiest and playful pups you’d ever met! If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE dogs; especially the big ones! So of course when Meghan and Erik asked if they could bring them, I said YES!!

Meghan and Erik, I can’t thank you enough for choosing me to capture these memories for you with your sweet fur babies. The love you two have for these sweet dogs and the way you look at them is so precious. I hope you get to enjoy so many more years with your beautiful pups!

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Victoria Beauty

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