July 9, 2020

Chelsea & Austin | Boyce Thompson Arboretum Engagement

Champagne pops. Sweet snuggles tucked away from everyone. The sound of true laughter. All of this sums up Chelsea and Austin’s engagement session at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. They were just the most fun, adventurous couple to photograph. They were absolute naturals in front of my camera!

I actually met Chelsea when one of my best friends held a watch party for the Zac Efron movie about Ted Bundy – if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE true crime and serial killers (odd I know). I feel like we instantly connected and our personalities meshed well together. She is absolutely hilarious, so I knew when I met Austin he must also have a great sense of humor and be a good guy; and I was right! He made Chelsea genuinely laugh which made their portraits that much better. They share such a true and amazing love.

Chelsea and Austin, you two are nothing short of great. It was like we had been friends for years, as if your engagement session was just a hang out sesh that I just happened to have my camera with me for. Photographing you two was the easiest job, especially with such a gorgeous location. With COVID going on, it’s been a hard time to plan a wedding, but you two are doing all of it with such grace and just enjoying the planning process as you go. I can tell your marriage will flourish in the years to come and I am so thankful you let me be a part of this journey!

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