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July 1, 2020

Their Story | BLM Movement

I’m scared. Terrified. So much so that I question myself on whether or not I want to bring another child into a world that doesn’t value EVERYONES life. I cannot even fathom the way black individuals or parents feel. In a sense, I am glad I am a part of this world when the Black Lives Matter Movement is occurring because it give ms the chance to better myself, educate myself, my child, and my friends and family so that WE can be the difference and make the difference that this world needs.

As this movement slowly trickles out of the medias eye, I’m angry. This isn’t a trend, its a problem. I promised the black community that I would not stay silent, and I intend on keeping that promise. I promised them that I would educate myself, and others. So here I am. Writing down my feelings and heartache. I acknowledge my white priveldge and I am putting it to use for GOOD. Some may think it’s bad business practice to air out my political views, my thoughts on controversial things. Thats just it. It shouldnt be about politics or controversay. Black lives are not a thing to fight about, they’re a thing to fight for. They are people. They are not property. They are not animals. They are not criminals. They are people. They are GOOD people. Are there some bad apples? Sure. But guess what, there are white people who are bad apples as well. I have not and will not stand for racial injustice. Did you know statistics released by the FBI show that there are MORE murders committed by white people (2755) than there are black people (2698). So why are we not angry with white people?

I have friends, family, and clients who are black, some of who are even half black and you’d never know by the color of their skin. I value their lives the exact same as mine. And do you want to know why? Because I dont see their color. I dont see their sexual orientation. I dont see their employement or social status. I see them. I see their beauty, their personality, their characteristics, their hearts. They are people. Say it louder for the people in the back. THEY ARE PEOPLE. They are husbands and wives. Daughters and sons. Mothers and fathers. They have names.

I have had the honor of knowing and befriending so many beautiful black men and women. Ones that hold some of the most amazing titles and come from all walks of life. They are mothers, fathers, teachers, engineers, business owners and managers. These are the people who are teaching your children, helping grow the economy you live in, paying the taxes you pay to have the things you have.

I stand with you. Forever and Always. I may not know a lot but I promise to fight for you, with you. beside, and stand behind you when you need arms to catch you and support you. Your lives MATTER. Until your lives matter, “All Lives Matter,” cannot be because you need to be included in the whole and separate. We are one.

My beautiful clients and friends:
Jalen Hampton – Office Manager – Father
Keyondra White – Vice Principal – Currently working on her Doctorate degree in Education – Mother
Nia Clark-White – History Teacher – Mother
Brianna Neely – Vet Tech Supervisor
Michael Lovelace – Software Sales – Father
Eboney McKinney – Program Specialist for Arizona Department of Education

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