Scott and Danielles Scottsdale desert engagement session at Browns Ranch was a stunning one with the beautiful sunset. Can't wait for their wedding!


October 9, 2023

Scottsdale Desert Engagement Session

It takes a real amazing person to be an oncology nurse. To have to deal with one of the hardest moments in someones life. To care and love for them as they face one of the toughest challenges. This is where Danielle and Scotts love story begins. Both of them being oncology nurses led to their forever story. Their Scottsdale desert engagement session was one of my favorites, as I got to get to know them, their story, and everything in between.

Their Love Story

To say these two have touched my heart forever is an understatement. As many know, my mom passed away in May 2023 from lung cancer, so I know oncology nurses very well. It takes a strong, amazing human being to do that job. I could not thank these two enough for the love and care that I am sure they put into their patients. So, can we get a big round of applause for these two?! Their Scottsdale desert engagement session started off amazing. Danielle told me Scott was a little shy in front of the camera, so I whipped out all of my favorite photographer tricks and I got him to laugh and smile SO easily. These two have so much love for one another that you can tell in all their photos just how much fun they have together. They were constantly laughing, which warmed my heart tremendously.

These two stumbled upon me from one of their fellow coworkers who’s wedding I photographed at Villa Siena, and not only that, but they referred one of their family members to me who I will be photogrpahing at the end of the year. I am so thankful for the circle that I have created and for all of the wonderful and beautiful love stories I get to capture because of it. I can’t wait for these two to get married this fall at Gather Estate in Mesa, Arizona. Stay tuned because it is going to be a fun one!

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