Mindy and Lynns stunning golden Scottsdale desert engagement session was one of my favorites! The lighting was absolutely beautiful.


October 6, 2023

Golden Scottsdale Desert Engagement Session

Some love stories start the old fashioned way. You meet your life long partner in a place that you least expect it. For Mindy and Lynn, they met at work. Their romance grew and now here we are today preparing for their wedding day this November at their Scottsdale private estate. Their golden Scottsdale desert engagement session was beyond dreamy. Mindy and Lynn hike this specific trail, so what better way to celebrate your engagement than to do photos there?!

Becoming engaged is one of the best moments in a girls life. We dream about this day for years to come. There’s certain things our partners can do to make it even more special. During Mindy and Lynns golden Scottsdale desert engagement session, I was talking to them about her ring and how beautiful it was. Mindy told me that her engagement ring was actually her moms. Lynn was the absolute sweetest and proposed to Mindy with her moms ring. I almost started crying right then and there. These two truly share one the most beautiful love I have ever seen.

With their wedding soon approaching, I could not be more excited for them. Mindy loves all things thrifting and unique. She told me all about their dream home they bought that they’ll be hosting their wedding at, and let me tell you. You will not want to miss these wedding photos. Their Scottsdale home is stunning, with all the cutest quirks that truly describe these two to a tee. So stay tuned, because come November, you’re going to have ALL the new inspiration for your home and wedding decor!

Hair + Makeup: Wild Poppy AZ

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