Laura and Patrick traveled all the way from Chiacgo, Illinois to have their Arizona Destination Engagement session. I can't wait for their wedding!

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September 29, 2023

Arizona Destination Engagement Session

Laura and Patricks Arizona destination engagement session was an adventure from the start, let me tell you. These two flew in from Chicago for their engagement session. They will be getting married next fall in Tucson at the beautiful Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch. It was a beautiful sunny day in Phoenix, after a few cloudy and rainy days which can truly only mean one thing. All the little creatures come out. Come along to find out what we got to see!

If anyone knows me personally, they know I DO NOT like anything out in the wilderness. Bugs, snakes, lizards, any type of critters. To my joyful surprise, we did not get to see just one, not two, but THREE different critters. We first saw a small black and red gardner snake. Cool, not problem, they’re harmless. We keep going on our merry way, taking the most stunning photos for their Arizona destination engagement session. Patrick stops us, as we see a GIANT tarantula hawk wasp EATING a tarantula. Thats a big NO from me, and I’m pretty sure I started walking quite quickly to make sure this monster did not eat me next. Lastly, as we finish up the most beautiful lift photo, Laura and I are walking and we almost step on a RATTLE SNAKE! When I tell you, I’ve lived in Arizona for over 20 years and have never seen one, I almost left my entire soul down in this canyon in Cave Creek. We made it out alive, in one piece and no one was harmed!

To say I absolutely adored these two, is an understatement. It truly was like hanging out with old friends. They told me how their friends introduced them, how they got engaged, and everything in between. I loved getting to know them, their story, and learning all about how their wedding planning is going. I can’t wait for their beautiful Tucson wedding next fall, it is going to be just magical so stay tuned!

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