Leann and Brendon had the dreamiest cloudy Phoenix desert engagement session. I am so excited for their fall wedding at The Willow!


September 27, 2023

Cloudy Phoenix Desert Engagement Session

Sunny then cloudy. Cloudy then sunny. The Phoenix desert couldn’t decide what it wanted to do. Thats what made this cloudy Phoenix desert engagement session so much fun. We got the best of both worlds. The beautiful Arizona sun, but also the stunning end of Monsoon season clouds. We even got lucky with no rain! Leann and Brendon were so amazing during their engagement session. I got to learn all about them and their love story, and let me tell you, you wont want to miss it.

During Leann and Brendons cloudy Phoenix desert engagement session, I asked them how they met, how they got engaged, the whole shabang. These two met at their church. Little did they know that their love would continue to grow after meeting each other and being friends for a little while. Not too long after, Brendon proposed in the cutest way. In the exact spot they met for the first time at their church, Brendon brought Leann to propose to her. Right where their love story began, it started a new chapter. I literally let out the loudest “AWE! That’s so cute!” because truly, it is.

These two will be having a beautiful desert wedding at The Willow out in Surprise, Arizona. It is a stunning venue out in the middle of the desert. I can’t wait to celebrate these two and their love, surrounded by their friends and family in just a few short months. Their November wedding is going to be the absolute best. It is going to be such a breathtaking, love filled day. Stay tuned!

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