Kennedy and Jareds glowy desert engagement session was one for the books. After a heavy rainfall, we had the most beautiful scenery!

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August 23, 2023

Glowy Desert Engagement Session

Arizona had the BEST spring. The rain made everything bloom so nicely. We got the most glowy desert engagement session with Kennedy and Jared. The beauty of the desert truly came alive, not only because of the plants and greenery, but because of the love these two share. With just a week and a half to go, we’re in the home stretch for Kennedy and Jareds wedding day at their home church at Dream City Church.

Their love is centered in Christ. They met at church. They both work for their church. Kennedy in the youth ministry, and Jared is one of their dance teachers. To say they were meant for each other is an understatement. The way that Jared so easily makes Kennedy laugh. The energy they bring to each other radiates and is so invigorating. During their glowy desert engagement session in the beautiful Phoenix desert, I got to know them and the root of their love story. Hearing all the intricate details about how they met, how their love has grown, and what they continue to do to ensure it grows even more. I’ve loved watching their story unfold through social media as well. Kennedy posted some diary entries to wrote when she first met Jared. Tears welled in my eyes. They’re young and they’re so in love. It’s inspiring.

I am so excited for these two to finally bring their families together as one. To watch their christ centered love grow. These two have so much potential in their lives and being able to see how their faith has helped them come together, blending their lives, has been such a beautiful thing to witness. I know that their wedding day is going to be stunning. Through all the guidance the Lord will give them, these two will forever live in such a beautiful love story. So stay tuned to see their wedding day! Congratulations Kennedy and Jared, lets get you two married!

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