Maddie and Joes engagement session in the Phoenix desert was so dreamy. From Maddies pink floral dress to the stunning sunset we got at the end!

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July 18, 2023

Phoenix Desert Engagement | Maddie + Joe

Nothing beats a dreamy, golden Phoenix desert engagement session. Maddie and Joe brought the fire during their session. Her beautiful pink floral dress flowing in the light breeze. The golden sunset we got at the end. It was all perfect. With these two getting married this fall at a private estate in Phoenix, they wanted a little desert scenery to show their life in Arizona.

We did their Phoenix desert engagement session at the beginning of the year. I got to learn about their love story, their two beautiful golden retrievers they have. It was a bit hard trying to schedule their session. We had a few issues. The first one being a storm was rolling out of NOWHERE the first time we scheduled. There were scary, black monsoon clouds, in the middle of January! Maddie already had a busy schedule due to her new career in Pharmacy. We finally had the opportunity to meet for their engagement session, and it was well worth it.

Maddie and Joe are going to be having the most intimate wedding this fall, and I am SO excited to work with them and their wedding planner, NJ Event Collective. The private estate they are getting married in is actually a friend of theirs house, which makes it even more special. And with only about 20 people attending their wedding, these two wanted their wedding day to be centered around them and their love. I am SO excited to get these two married in just a few short months and know that their wedding is going to be so simple, yet so elegant. So stay tuned for this stunning private estate wedding coming to the blog soon. Congratulations Maddie + Joe!

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