Family Portraits, Tucson Family Session

September 26, 2022

Delk Family – Tucson Family Session

This Tucson family session was a long time coming. I photographed Stephany and her boys when her smallest was only a few months old. Now he is FIVE! Time truly flies. I was SO excited to see her and see how her boys had grown. Stephany just recently started nursing school and has already done some amazing things in the medical field. Her sweet boys are thriving. Jacob LOVES Pokemon and wanted to tell me what everyones specific one was. He even told me mine!

These boys were SO well behaved. Their mama should be proud. If I asked them to do anything they would do it immediately. Her oldest Jacob has Autism, which makes some people treat them differently. Not me. This boy is probably smarter than me. He was SO sweet. All he wanted was someone to treat him like a normal boy, which he is! I love the way he has grown into such an amazing young man.

We photographed their family session at Agua Caliente Park. I was photographing other sessions in Tucson that weekend, but Stephany and her boys were my first one! They sure did set the mood for the whole weekend. They showed up looking SO GOOD! Stephany said she was having a hard time finding shirts for the boys that matched her dress. So she dyed their shirts to match. JUST WOW! They looked so good. I was quite impressed.

I was so happy to be able to see her again and photograph her beautiful boys. I was able to see her at her friend Melissa and Marks wedding, but unfortunately as weddings go, it was hard to say hi! She referred them to me and I am forever thankful for her. I can’t wait to see how the boys grow over until the next family session we have together!

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