Family Portraits, Tucson Family Session

September 22, 2022

Auger Family – Tucson Family Session

This Tucson family session was one of my favorites! I have been photographing the Auger family since Shannon and Joseph’s wedding in June 2017 down in Bisbee, Arizona. They decided to travel up to Tucson for their family session at Agua Caliente Park with their sweet little addition Sophia! I can see why Shannon and Joseph are both so obsessed with her. She was the sweetest babe. We got some bubbles for her to catch her attention and thats when we got ALL the smiles out of her.

I have actually known Shannon since I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL, you guys. Like 2005 or 2006. It’s crazy! It’s so fun to see where people you’ve known since you were a kid go and how their lives develop. I got to travel down to Tucson to capture one of their first family photos since adding Sophia. Joseph has older kids, so this was their first shoot with their baby that they share together and it was so sweet.

It was a bit cloudy. We were in the thick of Monsoon season. The Tucson area and southern Arizona tend to get hit pretty hard from it. We thankfully had no rain! Being able to travel down to Tucson to photograph families when I can means so much to me. I have families that I’ve been their family photographer for years, and this is one of them. I feel so lucky and blessed!

As we were doing their full family photos, down by the water at Agua Caliente Park, some little ducks decided to join us for a few photos. Sophia was SO interested in seeing them and could you blame her? She was SO happy after seeing them. Shannon put the bubble machine on again afterwards to get some cute artistic photos of Sophia by herself and it was adorable watching her interact with it; continually grabbing.

I cant wait to watch this sweet family continually grow in so many ways!

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