McDowell Mountain Golf Club, Wedding

June 21, 2022

Blush + Black Golf Resort Wedding | Scottsdale, Arizona

Second shooting weddings always brings me so much joy. To be able to help bring someone’s wedding day to life through my lens. To be able to get a little creative without the whole wedding day on my own shoulders as a lead shooter. I love helping other photographers in bringing a beautiful gallery to their clients to tell their love story.

I often choose carefully who I will photograph with because not all second shooters are treated the same, but working with Paige was absolutely wonderful.

Ashley and Ryan’s wedding day at McDowell Mountain Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona was absolutely beautiful. The gorgeous white, blush, and black colors they had for their attire worked wonderfully against the grass at their venue. It had light cloud coverage which diffused the light so beautifully. There were even some small bunnies hopping around during their first look, which helped bring a little more light and fun to an already emotional moment. The way Ryan looked at his soon to be wife was the sweetest. I remember hearing him constantly telling her how beautiful she looked. And of course, being the giant sap of a human that I am, I was tearing up the entire time behind my camera.

Even after doing a first look, Ryan still teared up as Ashley and her dad walked down the aisle. You could just feel how much he loved her in every moment of their wedding day. From the way he looked at her to the way he embraced and touched her. It truly was so beautiful. Everything about their wedding day was beautiful honestly, and I would photograph it with Paige over and over again if I could!

Second Shot for Paige Lorin Photography.

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