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June 18, 2022

Blue Mountain Newborn Session | Baby Owen

I always get SO excited to see how new parents decorate their babies nursery. Sometimes there is a theme, sometimes it just a color scheme. When Josh and Terry sent me a photo of their nursery for their new baby boy Owen, I almost fell over in delight.

Their beautiful home that overlooks Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Arizona close to Scottsdale, so what better theme for their sons room than beautiful wilderness and mountains. Terry, being the absolutely wonderful woman that she is, painted the gorgeous blue mountains that lined his nursery walls.

During their session, one thing I remember is just how in love these two were with their little boy. Constantly saying “oh my gosh, he’s so cute!” and just how overly obsessed with him that they were. It truly melted my heart because I remember feeling like this when I first had my baby in 2018. I can promise you guys, the feeling never goes away.

I am beyond excited for these two on this chapter of their lives. It truly is the most rewarding and beautiful part of it.

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