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April 21, 2022

Brooke + Will | Tucson Desert + Mountain Engagement Session

From being roommates to being boyfriend and girlfriend within a matter of days, can you even imagine? Well, thats exactly how Brooke and Will started their relationship! It’s crazy, but it’s unique and its their story. These two met in college where they both needed roommates and somehow found each other. Soon after moving in together, these two kindled a flame that now has only grown.

I met these two for their engagement session down at Gates Pass where they have spent many nights watching the sunset. Enjoying each others company, curled up in a blanket together. They wanted somewhere that was special to them. So we did just that. Will is actually the younger brother of one of my previous brides, Danielle, whose engagement session was on my blog back in October!

These two are getting married in Brooke’s hometown at the beautiful Frazier Museum in Louisville, Kentucky in April 2023, only a few short months after Wills sister Danielle is getting married. We definitely joked about how they’re a few months behind them in just about everything from dating, to engagement, and now wedding planning!

I’m so excited for these two to start their next chapter together. The way they constantly giggle around each other, to how they touch and love on one another. Its truly one of the most beautiful and loving engagement sessions I’ve ever had.

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