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April 19, 2022

Samantha + Drew | Desert Twin Maternity Session

The journey to get here has been long, painful, but oh so worth it. Fertility is something that seems to be taboo in our society, although I am unsure why. Samantha shared so much of her journey to get where she is today. When she sent me the ultrasound, I cried. I have been praying so hard for this day for her. She has suffered tremendously with miscarriages and infertility, so the moment I got the text that she was expecting not one but TWO babies, I teared up.

Around the 12 week mark of her pregnancy, we scheduled her announcement photos, which were absolutely precious. They were expecting both a boy and a girl! So extremely exciting. They even brought one of their sweet puppies to announce.

Samantha wasn’t sure if she wanted to have maternity photos done, but decided that she wanted to savor every moment of her babies and the journey it took to get here. So she got all dolled up and we went to the desert and I made sure she felt as beautiful as humanly possible! The green dress she wore truly made her pop in the desert scenery.

I am SO excited for Samantha and Drew to welcome their sweet babies into the world this summer, so stay tuned for photos from their newborn session. The best is yet to come for these two, soon to be four!

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