Family Portraits

November 19, 2021

Strong Family | Agua Client Park Family Session

As I photograph families more and more, I love seeing all of the little personalities of the kids come out when they start to get more comfortable around me and in front of my camera. Amelia was NOT about me last year and I think I got maybe two smiles out of her the entire session. This year however, she was cheesing it up the entire time!

Elizabeth and Cameron made the sweetest little girl, with the most amazing imagination. Amelia wanted to constantly look at the “hippos” in the pond at Agua Calitente Park where we did their family portraits; I’m almost positive the hippos were just logs floating in the water, haha! Although we didn’t see any true hippos, we did hear AND see coyotes. Thankfully not close enough to truly scare anyone. The joys of living in the Arizona desert!

I absolutely adore this family and love getting to see them every year and watch them grow!

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