November 15, 2021

Melissa + Mark | Open Field, Disney Inspired Engagement Session

There’s something so magical about Disney. Every little girl grows up dreaming of being these beautiful princesses that we see in the movies. Finding our Prince Charming and living happily ever after. No better time to have a wedding than to make your childhood fantasies a reality; especially when you find the man you love who is your Prince Charming in real life!

Melissa and Mark met about 7 years ago when they both worked for the college in their town. Mark popped the question, and then the rest is history! Now these two are going to be celebrating their wedding in May with hints of Disney scattered about since it’s something they both love. Melissa even wore the most adorable bridal Minnie Mouse earrings for their session!

This is going to be a gorgeous wedding and I can’t wait to capture the true Disney magic that I know will make their day sparkle even more. Maybe there will even be some of those famous Disney churros?!

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