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August 18, 2021

Tabatha + Mike | Lake Pleasant Water Maternity Session

A cool breeze to calm the Phoenix heat. The swishing of the water. Tabatha and Mike chose to have a different maternity session location than most of my clients who want the typical Arizona desert. I can’t say that I am disappointed. With all of the rain the Phoenix area had gotten over the past couple days before their maternity session, it made for some gorgeous lighting to catch the true beauty of Lake Pleasant.

The journey to this pregnancy has not been easy for Tabatha and Mike. They will be welcoming a sweet rainbow baby in a few short weeks. A little boy named Jason after Mikes brother who passed away; such a special tribute. Mike already has 3 beautiful girls and Tabatha has the sweetest little boy, and now they get to truly blend their families into one by adding the newest boy to their clan. The love that this family truly shows towards one another brings new meaning to “family is who you make it, it’s not always blood.” Mike’s girls treat AJ as if he is their own little brother, regardless of the age difference they have. I truly love having them in front of my camera.

I can’t wait for this little rainbow baby to enter in the world and shine some brightness into the Huerta family’s life. He has been prayed for and loved for so long and now his debut is getting so close! Congratulations again to Tabatha, Mike, and their children. Jason is already loved so much!

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