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August 16, 2021

Arizona Gender Reveal in the Desert

Will ie be blue or pink? The confetti says… BLUE! Amanda and Joe had a gender reveal for their sweet third baby and I got to be the one who found out first what the sex of the baby was. I had to hide away from everyone and make sure I gave them the right color cannons, such a stressful job (lol!).

On the count of three. One. Two. Three. BLUE EVERYWHERE! Excitement. Relief to finally know what their baby was. Pure joy. Amanda said she had a dream a few days prior that they were having a boy. I always say, a moms intuition is never wrong!

I’m so excited for the Virostek family to welcome their third baby. Their tie breaker since they already have a little girl and little boy. The adventure is only about to begin as they will officially be out numbered, but their hearts will grow to a million times the size they are now once their sweet babe is earth side!

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