Couples, Family Portraits

June 15, 2021

Smith Family | Sahuaro Ranch Park

No one prepares you for your first child. Let alone when the second ones come at the same time. Twins. Andy and Katie literally are everything you envision a parent should be. Kind. Gentle. Patient.

My husband always joked about having twin boys so that we could be pregnant once and be done with it but still have our two kids. Let me just say I’m glad we didnt, because bless anyone’s heart who has multiples at one time. It’s not for the faint of heart. I could barley handle ONE on my own.

These boys were the absolute sweetest little souls. All they wanted to do was chat my ear off and I adored it. Sometimes it takes awhile for kids to warm up during sessions, but these two dove right in with their stories!

The Smith family was an ideal family. Such beautiful hearts and kind spirits. The love that they all hold for each other is so apparent in their photos which is what I strive to capture in every session.

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