June 11, 2021

Taneal + Octavias | Green Arizona Engagement Session

I cherish the relationships I make throughout the years. They’ve brought me so much love, joy, and more relationships that I get to blossom into something special. A friend of mine from high school, and honestly probably middle school is also a local photographer. Her beautiful friends Octavias and Taneal got engaged recently and they insisted that she be a PART of their wedding and not work on it so she recommended me to them.

We traveled to this beautiful green location smack deb in the middle of Arizona and you would NEVER know! As we wandered this hidden gem we talked about how they met and they told me they met in church; her fathers church to be exact where he is the Pastor. It’s also where they met my dear friend Kristina!

They have been together for four years and will be getting married this August at the Kiva Club where Taneal’s dad will actually be marrying them, which is so special! They told me they were keeping their wedding intimate and weren’t having a bridal party aside from Octavias’ 6 year old daughter. My heart burst with excitement. As much as I love my larger weddings, I love the special and intimate ones just as much. This will be a beautiful wedding that I cannot wait for you to see on the blog. I know you won’t want to miss it!

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