Family Portraits

May 18, 2021

Sanders Family | White Tank Mountains

From snow to sunshine, the Sanders family traveled from Maryland to Arizona for a little vacation. What they thought would be a photoshoot with beautiful sunshine, turned into a windy and gloomy one! However, that didn’t stop us from getting gorgeous photos of the huge saguaro cacti Blair and Tim wanted for their family photos at the White Tank Mountains while visiting.

Their little girl Penelope had a personality that shines brighter than any other little girl I have ever met. Her sass was one of a kind and a whole dang mood if you ask me, and I was 100% here for it!

We had a blast walking through the desert, laughing, collecting rocks, and dancing. Little miss P had the cutest orange velvet bell bottoms to do some mommy and me photos in and I about died when I saw how adorable she looked in them. Part of me wants to have another baby, just so I could have a girl to dress up like Blair dresses her.

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, we made the most of what we had, and we had a fun time doing it. Arizona is one of the most spectacular places to visit if you ask me, and I hope the Sanders family visits again soon so we can have more dance parties in the middle of the desert!

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