Gay/Lesbian Couples, Styled Shoot

May 14, 2021

Boho Themed Style Shoot | Scottsdale, Arizona

Sometimes one of the hardest things about being in the creative/artistic industry is truly finding what sparks joy in your life. What keeps your imagination going. Being creative is hard because you want to have consistent work that your clients will love, but at the same time you want to continually change, progress, and better yourself in your craft. You want to explore your creativity.

I was in such a continual rut about my work. It was good. But it wasn’t sparking as much joy or creativity that I wanted it to. Then I had an idea. I wanted to do a styled shoot. Now, typically I stay away from these. Not because I don’t think they are a good tool in the industry, but because I could never find any that sparked my interest. Until I came up with my own aspirations and thoughts of one. I wanted to shoot something elegant but still modern. Modern in the sense of the common trends going around right now; one of which is bohemian.

I brought this idea to my beautiful friends Monique and Bree with 2 Girls 1 Party and boy did they bring their A-Game. They truly made my dreams become a reality. We had so many obstacles come up along the way but these women kept a straight face and braved all the storms. I will forever be in debt to them for their generosity, talent, and overall willingness to bring my ideas to fruition.

So for any creatives out there that feel like they’re just not being satisfied with their work or they want more; do yourself a favor and dream up something you’d love to shoot. Put it into fruition. Do what you need to do to make the connections to get it done. You shine your brightest when you find the spark and the light you are looking for. This was mine. This gave me purpose. This gave me life. I am blessed and in awe of all of the amazing vendors who made this happen. I am forever grateful.

Coordinators/Planners: 2 Girls 1 Party
Venue: Desert Foothills Events & Weddings
Hair: Beauty by Becka Marie
Makeup: Faces by Alli J
Dress: Strut Bridal
Bridal Jacket: Tailored in White
Floral: Sydney Eliza Florals
Dried Floral: The Floral Theory
Bar Truck: Old School Tap
Rentals: Foxtail Rentals & Material Girls Weddings
Picnic Setup: Salt and Sage Luxury Picnics
Cake: Amour De Sucre Bakery
Balloons: So Pretty Balloons

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