Family Portraits

May 11, 2021

Tenney Family | Brown Canyon Ranch Mountain Session

There is something about seeing someone you grew up with getting married, moving away, and having babies. It’s so special. So beautiful.

I have known Kelsea and Michael for over 13 years, yes, THIRTEEN years. We all cheered together on our high school cheer squad back in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Which is how their love story started. These two were high school sweethearts, got married right after high school ended, and moved away since Michael was in the Coast Guard. They got to travel all over from California to Connecticut . They built a beautiful family with two boys Cash and Rhett, and one baby in heaven.

They have worked their butts off to come back home to build their forever home in the beautiful state of Arizona where they were both born and raised. Kelsea runs her own businesses, yes plural, and is a badass of a woman, wife, and mother. To say I am blessed with her friendship is an understatement.

Until next time my beautiful friends!

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