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September 10, 2020

Zunck Family | Phoenix Family Portraits

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word teacher? Passionate. Kind. Selfless. Giving. These are all the words that come to mind when I think of one previous teacher that I absolutely adore. Amanda was a Spanish teacher in Oregon as well as a kindergarten teacher in Arizona for a few years (bless her heart, am I right?!) before she decided to pursue her true passion in hair and makeup. Before she she started doing hair and makeup when she taught kindergarten, she taught the tiniest, purest souls this world has to offer. She has a teacher heart and cares for so many, so hard.

She is now a mama to two beautiful babies, Brax and Sedona. Amanda has always had a passion for children, being the eldest of four siblings she’s always been a protector. So much so that she started her own podcast to help save trafficked and exploited children and raise awareness. She also started it to help parents have these open conversations, dialogues, and tips to help prevent sexual abuse. She has spent numerous hours of research not only for her previous teaching career, but for her own self to help her children, and now for her podcast.

If you’ve ever had the honor of meeting Amanda, you know she constantly gives, never asking for anything in return. She is constantly curious on ways to help and truly understand so many issues in this world, so she is able to make an impact and help and teach others. She is one of the most selfless souls, and truly one of the kindest humans you will ever meet.

I’ve photographed many of her and Dustin’s family photos over the years and felt like now was the time to blog her recent family session since I am raising money for her new podcast, Find the Light, to help with her research, equipment, and marketing to get the word spread further out to help more families and children. For the month of September, I have dedicated ALL of my print sales from photo galleries, as well as my floral and desert print shops to go to her and her podcast to raise awareness.

I think this woman deserves a standing ovation, along with the biggest award the world has to offer for all she continually does to better a dark world, and to help us find the light and bring it back to an utterly chaotic world.

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