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September 3, 2020

Dort Newborn | Baby Mason

I will never get over just how tiny newborns are. It doesn’t matter if you have a newborn, or your kids are grown up. You never remember just how teeny tiny they are. Their ears. Their nose. Their feet. Their hands. So small, yet they hold such a big place in your heart. As a mama, I absolutely adore photographing lifestyle newborn sessions because it makes me remember when my little guy was that tiny, or was he ever?

Mason was the newest addition to the Dort family for Melissa and Paul, and of course big brother Bronson. He was so sweet. Absolutely loved being held by mom and dad and wanted nothing more than to be fed and rocked. Bronson on the other hand, was so intrigued by me and wanted to hang out with me while I photographed all the details of his little brothers room, but yet he kept his distance. He slowly warmed up to me and I was able to get a few cute smiles and giggles out of him. If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to get a good smile from a toddler if there is a camera anywhere near.

Paul was so gentle with his boys. A true boy dad. I could tell the moment I met him that he was a very hands on dad, which I love. He even knew how to swaddle! I’m a mom, and I still can barley swaddle a baby; hence why I do lifestyle and not posed newborns!

Melissa was also a kind and gentle soul with her boys. A true boy mom. It takes a lot to be a boy mom, because they are rough and tough. It takes a special kind of woman to be a boy mom, and she had what it took! I loved seeing her with her boys and the utter love and joy it brought to her.

We had a few snuggle sessions with the boys, because lets me real, its so hard to get those with them. Little girls, no problem. Boys just want to do their own thing from the start, but I made sure we got those cute snuggles in to document just how much those boys love their mama and their daddy. Nothing beats being a parent. Documenting these moments is what makes me appreciate and love my little guy even more. They grow up so quickly. You blink and they’re off on their first date, off to college, getting married, having kids of their own. So I love being able to freeze and stop these moments of when they’re little for you to remember forever.

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