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August 10, 2020

Mulkey Lifestyle Newborn

The sweetest nursery theme. Imagination. Exploration. Peter Pan. A boy we knew and grew up to love. The thought of “Never Growing Up” staying in our minds until we truly had to become adults and enter into a world of uncertainty, but yet into a world that could be so magical.

Alison and Kevin were two of my engagement and wedding couples that I absolutely adored. When they decided to start a family I was so excited for them. Alison is known for her beautiful dimples, which I am so envious of, so of course I was hoping their sweet boy would inherit them! Little Logan made his way into this world and truly filled the hearts of everyone around him. He was one of the most calm, gentle, and truly sweet babies I have ever photographed. I dont remember him crying for more than a split second until Alison would whisper sweet sounds into his ear and all was right in his world again. Motherhood came so natural for her. You could see the love she had for this innocent boy the moment I saw her with him. I could literally feel it. Of course, as a mom, you know the good ones; she was one of the great ones. This job is not for the light-hearted, and she fills the job so fully and completely. Kevin was just the sweetest with his little boy. From the man I know, he is kind, but not as “out there” as Alison, who loves everything Disney and fiction. But somehow, that little boy made his heart soften just a little more, open up as wide as it could, and make him so happy. I felt like I barley had to do anything with these two because it all came so naturally to them to snuggle Logan, love on him, and just be present in those moments.

These two are truly one of a kind parents and I dont doubt one bit in my mind that Logan will grow up believing in the magic of this world, being able to reach whatever stars he has his eyes set on. For as Peter Pan once said, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it,” and I dont think this boy will ever doubt that he can fly.

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