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August 10, 2020

Mavens Milestones|9 Months

Those sweet cheeks. The way she clicks her heals together. The serious faces. All are the little traits I love about this sweet girl. She’s genuinely a VERY happy girl, but for her 9 month portraits I had to work REAL hard to get these little smiles out of her here and there.

I met Maven’s moms when I ran a rainbow baby contest and they were one of my winners. Although I won’t go into all the little details on this blog, (but I will on a future one!) this girl was a work of art in the making. She was Michelle and Lindsays rainbow baby after so many failed attempts, and I have to say, she was well worth the wait. She has so much personality, as you’ll see, and she just lights up a room. Her little quirks are what make her, HER.

Sweet Maven, you are a special girl, and I’m so glad I have been a part of your milestones, from when you were still in your mamas tummy, to when you were born and every big milestone there after. Watching you grow has been such a blessing and I can’t wait to capture more of your delightful personality in the years to come!

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