Warm. Boho. Fall. Thats what this styled shoot was screaming and I’m forever in love. They complimented the desert landscape after so much recent rainfall here in Phoenix, Arizona which made some beautiful wildflowers sprout and all the usually dead desert bushes and “trees” turn green with life again. Chelsea with Black Tie Optional Wedding […]

Beautiful Fall Boho Styled Shoot – The Willow

Sometimes you don’t always get the love you deserve when you are younger. It takes trial and error with people who you think will love you, protect you and care for you. To build a family with. This was a later in life marriage for both Chris and Angela who flew in from Alabama with […]

Angela + Chris | Southern Arizona Desert Elopement

High school sweethearts. Young love. Sneaking in and out of the house to be with each other. Myranda and Antonio have had seven years of adventure together. From growing up together, to becoming parents, and finally husband and wife. These tow have gone through hell and back with each other. The stories their family and […]

Ramos Wedding | Southern Arizona Light Blue and White Wedding

Have you ever been in the presence of a couple who you feel are absolute soul mates? That complete each other in every aspect of life? That’s how I feel genuinely about Christina and Logan. Their beautiful Tucson wedding at St. Augustine Cathedral Church and Kingan Gardens was something straight out of a fairytale. Their […]

Boss Wedding | Breathtaking Tucson Cathedral and Garden Light Blue + Mint Wedding

The nerves that surround a wedding day are both exhilarating and scary. You are about to marry the love of your life. You spent all this money, got your hair and makeup done, bought the beautiful dress you’ve dreamt of since you were a little girl. The butterflies in your stomach are going crazy moments […]

Jordan + Luis | Rustic Desert Wedding – Tucson

A prayer. The silence. The serenity that washes over all that are present. A moment to take the day in and rejoice in what is to come. The voice of Jesus telling you that He has brought you the one your soul desires and will cherish for eternity. This moment was such a pure and […]

Tina + Michael | Tucson Desert Wedding

High school is a time in everyones lives where they’re truly trying to find out who they are, where they belong, what they want to do with their lives, and who they want to spend the rest of their lives with (both romantically and not).  I come from a small town about an hour of […]

Tucson Engagment – Agua Caliente Park | Christina + Logan

Such kind and gentle love. The sweet tears that rolled down Ana’s face as she spoke her vows to her groom. Scott looking so lovingly at his bride. Their love was so pure, so beautiful. It was true. As I listened to their vows, I could feel the emotions fill their bodies as the words […]

Scott & Ana | Tucson Backyard Wedding

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