A stunning and timeless black and white wedding at the beautiful Skyline Country Club in Tucson, Arizona during the spring time!

The perfect fall wedding in Tucson with touches of terracotta, burgandy and champagne. Holly and Curtis had a magical day at Oasis at Wildhorse Pass.

Have you ever been in the presence of a couple who you feel are absolute soul mates? That complete each other in every aspect of life? That’s how I feel genuinely about Christina and Logan. Their beautiful Tucson wedding at St. Augustine Cathedral Church and Kingan Gardens was something straight out of a fairytale. Their […]

A prayer. The silence. The serenity that washes over all that are present. A moment to take the day in and rejoice in what is to come. The voice of Jesus telling you that He has brought you the one your soul desires and will cherish for eternity. This moment was such a pure and […]

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