Tess and Wayne had the most unique session. Their Arizona State Fair engagement session has to be one of my all time favorites!

Arizona State Fair Engagement Session, Engagement

October 19, 2023

Arizona State Fair Engagement Session

Being a creative means breaking out of your comfort zone. Doing new and exciting things to create art. Thats what Tess and Wayne did for me. They wanted something out of the traditional desert engagement session that most Arizona engaged couples do. Thats when she suggested an Arizona State Fair engagement session. What better way to celebrate your engagement than with fried food, fun games, and rides?!

I absolutely loved getting to know Tess and Wayne. They told me all about their love story. They will be getting married this coming May the 4th, because they’re Star Wars fans. I love when couples tailor their engagement and wedding day to their interests and things they love. That was why their Arizona State Fair engagement session was so special. They wanted something unique and true to them. Tess even wore the CUTEST sparkly ankle cowboy boots. I was utterly obsessed with them when they pulled up for their Phoenix engagement session.

The fun we had at the Arizona State Fair truly made their engagement session one of my favorites. These two loved laughing together and being goofy. We got cotton candy, some alcohol, and even rode the carousel. I wanted to get really creative with this shot, so we did a slow shutter drag to get the carousel to look blurred, but to have them in focus. To say I am SO excited for their wedding day and to get even more creative then is an understatement. Their Lindsay Grove wedding this May will be a stunner. Make sure to stay tuned!

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