I have known both Jordyn and Steve since high school, so to be able to photograph their Sedona Surprise Proposal was an absolute dream.

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September 24, 2023

Sedona Surprise Proposal – Jordyn + Steve

You plan something for months. Waiting for the perfect moment. Just for it to rain on what is supposed to be the perfect day. Jordyn and Steve’s Sedona surprise proposal was absolutely perfect. Did we get rained on? Sure did. Did everything go according to plan? Sure didn’t. Was it perfect though? Absolutely. There aren’t enough words in the world to explain how excited I was to capture this moment right here. To know Jordyn and Steve both individually and together, is to love them. Everything they stand for. Everything they do for others. They are nothing short of amazing, and neither is their story to get them here to this point.

The Sedona Surprise Proposal

When Steve asked me to capture his Sedona surprise proposal to Jordyn, I think my response was “I don’t think you understand how long I have been waiting for this text,” and I truly meant it. I have been capturing their family photos, their business ventures, and so much more over their years long relationship. To finally get to this moment right here and be able to capture it for two people I love so much, was indescribable. Although it rained, it was absolutely perfect. Jordyn and Steves kids, their moms, Jordyn’s grandma, and their friends were hiding behind the tiniest tree trying to stay dry waiting for these two to pull up. Rain or shine, this proposal was happening! Just wait until you hear how Jordyn reacted.

Jordyn was told that they were going on a little picnic with their friends up in the red rocks of Sedona. Little did she know, that was not happening. Something even better lie in wait. We made their initials out of rocks, I told Steve where to go, and then I got the text that they were there. Jordyn was under a black trash bag to keep from getting wet. As soon as they got to the spot, she knew. She had been waiting for this moment. Literally, she had been texting me asking about wedding planning stuff, vendors to book, and so much more. Now I was able to finally not have to keep this secret anymore! Jordyn SCREAMED out of excitement. I mean SCREAMED. It was the best. Then, a few seconds later when Steve got down on one knee and asked her to marry him she yelled “Holy shit its huge!” or something of the sort, and boy was she right.

Cheers to Love!

I am SO excited to plan their wedding with them and be a part of their big day this April at the beautiful Encanterra Country Club in Queen Creek, Arizona. It is truly going to be one of the absolute best days. These two deserve the absolute world, and I can’t wait to give that to them and celebrate their love story.

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