This beautiful spring day was perfect for an elegant Legacy Golf Resort Wedding. With Bridget and Mitch flying in from out of state to celebrate!

Legacy Golf Resort, Wedding

September 21, 2023

Elegant Legacy Golf Resort Wedding

Nothing beats a beautiful, bright, April day. It was absolutely perfect for this elegant Legacy Golf Resort wedding. Everyone was excited. Beers were cheered. Laughs were had. It truly was such a magical day. Briget and Mitch were stunning; both together and individually. The smiles they gave each other when they saw each other for the first time was priceless.

Some tears were shed as Mitch saw his bride walk towards him. The first time he saw her that day and boy did it hit him. His smile was beaming from ear to ear. They had a very sweet ceremony, with a pastor speaking bible verses to them as they entered into this new chapter of marriage together during their elegant Legacy Golf Resort Wedding. It was intimate and sacred. Tears falling from both sets of parents eyes. It truly was a beautiful thing to hear and see.

Although these two have a God-centered relationship, that didn’t stop them from enjoying their wedding day and partying it up! With Mitch being in the military, and Briget being a collegiate gymnast from The University of Florida, they KNEW how to party and so did their bridal party, friends and family. They had not only a beer burro during their cocktail hour, but they also had the BEST bridal party entrances. They had a competition to see who could make the best entrance. Everyone paired up in twos and got to work! The winning pair were two of Brigets bridesmaid who were also two of her teammates in college, who did some crazy gymnastic moves to win over the crowd! It truly was a day surrounded by laughter, and so much love. Congratulations to these two on their next chapter!

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