In the heart of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale in Arizona, this private estate wedding was filled with beautiful spring colors.

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September 8, 2023

Paradise Valley Private Estate Wedding

Colorful florals. A christ centered love story. A stunning house nestled into the heart of one of the most luxurious cities in Arizona. Everything was perfect for this Paradise Valley private estate wedding. Although it was a tad hot for an April wedding, Shelby and Zach, along with their friends and family braved the small heat wave that struck central Phoenix. Now, onto their love story that truly just warmed my heart.

Zach and Shelby met through mutual friends of their church. Their love story be it fast, was unbelievable. I don’t know that I have ever seen a couple so centered in Christ, that their love just blossomed even more because of it. They got married in Shelby’s dads church, with him officiating their wedding. It truly was so meaningful and full of love. They then decided to have their reception, and most of their photos, at a family friends home right outside of Scottsdale, Arizona in the upscale city of Paradise Valley. Close by the stunning wedding venues of El Chorro, Mountain Shadows, and the Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain. This luxurious Paradise Valley private estate wedding was a total dream.

Shelbys florals were to die for, with bright spring colors. Their tables were each individually crafted with photos of Shelby and Zach, along with some items they thrifted. Not to mention the CUTEST wedding favors, coffee mugs. All of which Shelby also thrifted. Each guest got to choose a one of a kind mug that the bride and groom personally picked out. The most sentimental and thoughtful wedding guest gift I think you could ever do.

Not only was this spring Paradise Valley private estate wedding one of my favorites of the season, but I think of my total career. It was so intimate, joyful, and timeless. Everything I stand for and what my brand is built on. Nothing beats finding couples who align with that and with you. Congratulations to Shelby and Zach!

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