Kendra and Ryans love story started in Phoenix, so no better way to honor how they met, in the clothes they met, than a Phoenix Desert Engagement Session!

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September 5, 2023

Phoenix Desert Engagement Session

Modern day love story. Theres so many couples who meet online in this day and age. It’s exactly how I met my husband, and it’s how Kendra and Ryan met. They even wore their first date outfits during their Phoenix desert engagement session! Such a nostalgic and special way to celebrate your love. When they told me that it was exactly what they wore on their first date, as well as the day they got engaged I believe too, I let out the biggest “awe!” I am such a sucker for love stories and all things cute!

Kendra and Ryan had the sweetest Phoenix desert engagement session at one of my favorite locations in Arizona. From the stunning dress Kendra was wearing, to the beautiful golden light we got, and even the lush greenery from the spring showers we got. I loved watching their dynamic. They are both silly and sweet. I remember hearing Ryan whisper the sweetest things to Kendra while I was photographing them. I don’t think I was supposed to hear them, but I could, and it just melted my heart. Every girl needs a Ryan to whisper sweet nothings into their ears during their engagement sessions.

These two are getting married in February at the beautiful Stonebridge Manor, and I can’t wait! I got to photograph there last fall and was totally obsessed, so I am very excited to get to go back. Kendra and Ryan have the most pure love I have ever seen. To be able to capture it for their engagement session here in the beauty of the Arizona desert, and then being able to capture it on their wedding day is going to be such an honor. Stay tuned!

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