Emily and James' downtown Phoenix engagement session with their sweet Corgi was one for the books. Their outfits and everything about them were on point!

Downtown Phoenix, Engagement

August 9, 2023

Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session

There’s times as a wedding and engagement photographer when you get a creative itch. You have a vision in your mind that you want to expel into the world and just create. I had the opportunity to make one of my visions come to life in Emily and James’ downtown Phoenix engagement session. These two make look super familiar to you if you read my blog, because they’ve already been on it! Their first engagement session was STUNNING so I knew they were the right couple to make my vision come to life.

With Emily being an amazing makeup artist in Phoenix, and of course being one of my brides, she was PERFECT for my vision. I explained to her exactly what I was looking for and she found the perfect dresses for it. Emily and James also adopted an adorable Corgi named Ollie, so of course we had to add him in. If you do not already know, I’m utterly OBSESSED with Corgis. When I asked if they would bring him to their downtown Phoenix engagement session, Emily agreed and thought it was a wonderful idea.

My idea was a very modern look with the fluffy, short white bridal style dress. We got flowers from the amazing Petals for Patsy to add a little oomph to the session as well. The second look I wanted was more of a garden style look, which Emily nailed with her blue Abercrombie dress. We used Heritage Square and the beautiful Phoenix Science Center. We not only had a modern, downtown vibe, but also a quaint, garden look. My entire vision came to life. I could not be more thankful to these two for going along with my crazy ideas. Stay tuned, because in a few weeks you’ll see their absolutely stunning wedding at the beautiful Wedgewood Weddings Secret Garden.

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