Shannon and Austins engagement session started with their pups for their Scottsdale Desert Engagement Session. We even got to pop champagne to celebrate!

Superstition Manor and Barn, Superstition Mountains, Wedding

August 3, 2023

Scottsdale Desert Engagement Session

Dogs, the one thing that gives you unconditional love. Humans, another one that can give you unconditional love. So when the two come together, it can create such beauty in someones life. That was definitely the case for Shannon and Austin, who brought their THREE fur babies to their Scottsdale desert engagement session!

These two met in the modern day love story of the good old dating app. They fell in love over their common interests and the rest is history. Now they are getting married at the beautiful Superstition Manor in Mesa this winter. The love these two share is definitely unique and I’d love watching it during their engagement session. Although these two are head over heels for each other, they also know how to playfully bicker and joke around with each other. The dynamic honestly reminded me of my husband and I. I’ve seen so many different types of love and relationships over the years, but I love being able to see peoples personalities come out in their photos.

During their Scottsdale desert engagement session, we got to have their sweet fur babies join in for a few. Shannons mom took them away after we finished with them. Let me just say, wrangling 3 dogs was definitely a task! Shannon and Austin have adopted all three, and as Shannon says, failed at one foster with their smallest. This has such a special place in my heart since my husband used to rescue and foster dogs. We all love a good failed foster story!

I am SO excited for these two to get married this winter at Superstition Manor, as that was where I got married as well, so it holds a special place in my heart. These two are destined for a long life of love and happiness, I can already tell. So stay tuned for their wedding in December!

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