Red Rock Desert Engagement Session at Papago Park

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July 25, 2023

Red Rock Desert Engagement Session

From the greenery of Pennsylvania and the stunning country of France to the beautiful desert of Scottsdale, Arizona. We did their red rock desert engagement session at the stunning Papago Park. With the giant red mountain, the beautiful desert plants, and even more stunning sunset it was the perfect spot. Natalie wanted a piece of where they called home to be represented in their engagement photos since they will be getting married in Pennsylvania in May!

These two love birds met in the most unique way. Natalie, being the hard working girl-boss that she is was buying herself an Audi. Nico was a car salesman at this specific dealership. He sold Natalie not only a car, but he also gave her his heart. Cheesy words to type, I know. But this love story is such a cute one compared to the typical “met in a bar” or “met on tinder.”

Not only did Natalie and Nico dress to the nines for their red rock desert engagement session, they brought their pups and some champagne to really give their session a POP at the end! I love when my couples get creative with their sessions and truly make it their own. From Nicos stunning suits, to Natalies gorgeous dresses. I was literally obsessed with them both when they arrived. I loved getting to know them as individuals, as a couple, and their love story. With Natalie previously working in the wedding industry at SoHo63 in downtown Chandler, she KNOWS how to dress for their special occasion.

I’m so excited for these two to embark on their biggest adventure as husband and wife. So send them a big congratulations as the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Brassart!

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